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Radiology – Medical Imaging

Radiology – Medical Imaging

Radiology is the medical specialty that uses both imaging in the diagnosis and treatment of disease in the human body viewed. Radiologists use a range of imaging technologies (such as ultrasound, computed tomography (CT), Nuclear Medicine, Positron Emission Tomography (PET, positron emission tomography) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)) to diagnose or treat disease. Interventional radiology is the performance of medical procedures (usually minimally invasive) using imaging for guidance technologies. The acquisition of medical imaging is usually performed by a radiologist or a radiology technician.

Medical imaging is a specialty Recent scientific, bringing together a wide variety of science to study how to form, record, transmit, analyze, process, perceive and store images of organs or tissues through diferize techniques, in order to use them to diagnose diseases.

Computer tomography (CT)

Computer tomography (CT) is a device used to produce images using X-rays These images are used for diagnosis which will lead to the full efficacy of treatment prescribed by your doctor.

The advanced technology allows accurate visualization of bones, internal organs, blood vessels. X-ray computer tomography technology combines an advanced computer processing to recreate detailed pictures of internal organs.

CT examination is fast, comfortable, painless. You lie on your back, as motionless on the table will move in and out of the machine for scanning.


Preparation for CT

Before performing computed tomography doctor must know the following:

– If a woman is pregnant

– If a woman nursing: in this case should be advised to resort to artificial feeding (to use a preparation of milk) for 1 or 2 days after making necessary the use of contrast tomography

– If the patient is allergic to any medications, including the contrast

– If he has any heart condition, such as heart failure

– If you have diabetes and they are using the drug metformin hypoglycemic

– If you have or had any kidney

– If you have asthma

– If you have thyroid problems

– If you have multiple myeloma

– If you made any ray that was used barium or if he was given treatment containing bismuth in the last four days; barium and bismuth are visible on radiographs and computed tomography make interpretation difficult

– If the patient is claustrophobic (becomes nervous in tight spaces); In this case, the patient will be sedated.
If it investigates the abdomen, the patient should be advised not to eat solid food from the evening preceding the investigation. If abdominal CT patient may be given oral contrast agent. In other cases, prior to the MRI may be necessary administration of laxatives or an enema.

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